Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to SCARRED WORLD: The Chronicles of Aegis

SCARRED WORLD is a science fiction/fantasy adventure centering on the journeys of Joshua Bloom. 

Joshua was born the heir to a weapon of near-unimaginable power known as the AEGIS, which taps energies from a source beyond our universe. He is also the reluctant leader of an underground resistance movement designed to dethrone the powerful and despotic OBSIDIAN. It is a burden that has worn heavily upon Joshua, leaving him embittered.

The problem for Joshua is that he doesn't know any of this. After a doomed confrontation with Obsidian, Joshua was left near-death. As the Aegis healed him, it also re-wrote his memories and life in a very different world where he was never burdened with the responsibilities that tainted him in reality.

A world without an Aegis.

A world without an Obsidian.

Our world.

But now, Joshua is healed in mind and body and thrust back into his scarred world to win a war he didn't know was his to fight.

Originally published in 2005, SCARRED WORLD: The Chronicles of Aegis is a full color 4 issue mini series being reprinted and represented to the world with all new covers, remastered interiors and all the excitement a comic can contain!

Issue #1 premiers at HEROES CONVENTION 2013 in Charoltte, NC June 2013!